Pick-up points location and information request

Thank you for your payment.

Coastguard regulations

Also, we need lead traveller’s (the one making the payment) or company info:

  • Company name: (if applicable)
  • Company Address: (if applicable)
  • Passport or EU ID number: (Please mark “ID:” if its an ID number, not applicable for a company)
  • VAT number: (if Greek or a company is charged)
  • Tax office: (if Greek)
  • Mobile tel number: (if you haven’t already sent it)

And a full passenger list is required, this means names. gender and age of all participants.
The best way to give us this information is to fill out this mandatory information form: https://goo.gl/forms/yKkcZZuTi8DijoDD3
It’s not urgent, just make sure you have it emailed to us at least 24h before the trip, to avoid any delay when you arrive at the yacht. This information is required by the coastguard and we have to submit the yachts crew & passengers list at their office before we start your trip.
An invoice will be issued if a company is paying.
Also as per 2018 regulations, you must make sure to carry with you some form of identification, EU ID or passport when on-board.

Pickup location

Please check your order details to find the pickup point you selected.

For Sithonia pickup, here is a map of Neos Marmaras pickup point: https://goo.gl/AoAo4H
Free municipality parking in front of the entrance to the floating pontoon (pier).

For Kassandra pickup, here is a map of Miraggio marina pickup point: https://goo.gl/B88TqM
Guarded parking costs 20€. Unlike the hotel, there is no fee for entrance to the marina for our guests. At the marina entrance ask to take the car for unloading near the yacht. Then the driver takes the car up the parking.

Must have, the checklist:

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Suntan oil
  • Swimming gear
  • Towels
  • Children flotation assistance (extra small size life jackets)

Have fun. The skipper will help you with anything you need. Any snacks, fruits, sodas, wine, etc you want you can bring and we will put them in the refrigerator. Don’t exaggerate on provisioning. You can have a good meal at the taverna. We have plenty of drinking water for you on-board. We also offer coffee or tea and some juices for the kids. If you are planning a taverna stop, some fruits, and a few drinks like beer or wine, soft drinks, etc, are enough. The Skipper works maximum 7 hours per day hours before the yacht returns to port. In port, you can stay onboard, go sightseeing, have a coffee or another wine, etc.

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In case of any question, send us an email to
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